Media sponsorship is a unique – and critical – subset of the overall sponsorship pie. So let’s go over the basics of media sponsorship.

What is media sponsorship?

When organizations or events need help with promotion, they’ll look for a media sponsor, particularly if they’re interested in high-profile promotion in major daily newspapers, or on television and radio networks with large local and regional audiences. A media sponsor will provide you with free promotions, free (or deeply discounted) advertising space or a combination of both. In return, the organization will provide media sponsors with visibility (e.g. a banner or booth at the event, logo recognition in print materials and on websites) and priority access (e.g. first crack at celebrity interviews, backstage passes, or other perks the other media outlets and non-sponsors don’t get).

A word of warning: the competition in the non-profit community for media sponsorships is fierce. To get the sponsor you want, make sure your project or event is exciting or stands out amongst the other events, and is of special interest to the media outlet’s target audiences.

But don’t worry we will help you with all the sponsorship things easily.