Program Format

Phase 1: National Level Audition Worldwide

  • The first phase of the program is the National Level Audition that will be organized in various countries around the globe. The audition will be the intra-country competition that will act as a screening process.
  • Registered teams from the respective country will have to gather at the chosen venue to take a Preliminary Test. To qualify for the international level of the competition, registered teams must attend this preliminary test.
  • The test will be in a written format.
  • The winning team in the intra-country competition will get an opportunity to take part in the international level finals.

Phase 2: International Level Finals in Nepal

After the accomplishment of a national level screening process, the competition enters the international level. Champions in the intra-country competition will compete in the international series of the competition.

Phases in International Level Finals

Basically, the series of competition comprises of the following rounds.

  1. International Quarter Finals: The champion at the national level will contest in this phase. In each episode, there will be three teams facing off each other. The winning teams from each quarter-finals will qualify for the international semifinals.
  2. International Semi-Finals: The semi-finalists will compete to get into the final. A series of semifinals will provide three finalists who will contest for the title trophy.
  3. International Grand Finale: The last three finalists will compete against each other to be the quiz champion. The championship will decide on the Title Winners, First Runners-up and Second Runners-up.