Accretive Media Pvt. Ltd. has been an established media/production house with the aim of valid development in the educational sector in our country and Asia with the motto of “Growing Together” and we hope to accomplish this by taking talented students from across Asia and nurturing their knowledge through our quiz show.

We took a broad sweep across many cities and schools within the country to sieve the hidden talent lurking within this nation and with the previous year, we expanded this to a South Asian level. This year, we are targeting around 700 schools within the country well as 50 countries and their respective educational institutions in Asia. The show remains a huge hit for the Nepali audience with around 5 million viewers on the popular channel Kantipur Television as most tune in to see the shining jewel of the show, the presenter and the superstar Rajesh Hamal. We are also in talks towards broadcasting through other popular channels in Nepal as to increase the reach of this truly beneficial show further.

We believe this will cement a culture of learning and useful education within the participants as well as the viewers.

The opportunity to be a part of this has now arisen as we are opening an internship program for all willing and eligible. The situation as of now is that we’ve already concluded our national auditions preparing for the international level and thus we seek interns in helping us coordinate with various embassies and high schools in other countries for the required participation.

These coordinators should help us find at least 10 high schools in their assigned countries and execute the process regarding the hosting of our quiz contest in those countries. If you happen to be an intern working abroad, a team from Nepal will be coming to your nation to help you during the contest dates.The winning team from all countries of Asia will of course be coming to Nepal for then grand finale where we will decide the Asian winners.


  • Must be from an Asian country or currently living in Asia.
  • High schools diploma and above.
  • Age above 16.
  • Enthusiastic and representative.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Able to coordinate with many high schools, embassies and various concerned authorities his/her assigned nations.


  • Coordinate with high schools and embassies to confirm participation.
  • Aid in confirming venues and details of the contests to be held
  • Aid in finding sponsors


  • Communication and Travel charges would be reimbursed (with some additional amount)
  • Certificate as Country Coordinator will be provided.
  • This is the sixth season of our show and as such, will continue on with this for many more years to come. Merit will be rewarded with extended internship if deemed fit.

We look forward to seeing any and all eligible and interested parties apply. The internship form is available in following link. All the best!