Become a Country Coordinator of Quiz Mania 7- Worldwide

Accretive Media is a media production house based in Nepal and runs “Quiz Mania”, a quiz contest as a way of influencing and nurturing a culture of knowledge among the global population and end-goal of world development. Accretive Media took a broad sweep across many cities and schools across the nation in the year 2012 and extended to South Asia in 2016, continuing this growth to sieve the hidden talent lurking within the entire continent, they expanded to Asian level in 2017, with teams representing all parts of Asia.

This year 2019, they target all the countries across the globe and help to give them a common platform through seventh season of our trademark/flagship show “Quiz Mania 7 – World Wide”, where the participants will be able to compete with each other, share knowledge and culture and develop a brotherhood worldwide. The auditions takes place in the participants home country where as the finals will be hosted in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The show is hosted in National Television of Nepal with approx. of 5 million views and is hosted by the superstar of the country and our quiz master for the show Mr. Rajesh Hamal.

Accretive Media assign a country coordinator for each country around the globe and host auditions. Then the winner team of the auditions and the country coordinator will be invited to host country Nepal for the finals. All the expense of audition in the participant’s home country and the host country i.e. Nepal will be provided by the Organizers. Upon, winning participants and the country coordinator will only have to pay for their flight tickets to and from Kathmandu, Nepal and the visa charges.

Accretive Media hereby, announce this internship for the post of COUNTRY COORDINATOR for Accretive Media’s production, “Quiz Mania – Worldwide”.




  1. Be the country coordinator of your country for an International Quiz Show. You will be given official designation letter and certificate.
  2. Reimbursement of any local travel cost and communication expenses that occurs during the tenure.
  3. Fully funded accommodation and national tour of Nepal for a week.
  4. Country Coordinators will have a free pass to attend the “Global Youth Conclave” to be hosted in Kathmandu, following the closing of Quiz Mania.
  5. Opportunities to work in upcoming year in our other ventures.


  1. Must have completed high-school/A Levels or equivalent.
  2. Proficiency in English Language, both spoken and written.
  3. Good communications and networking skills.
  4. Be available to travel on the assigned dates.
  5. Any ethical and moral responsibilities fulfilling.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

For Further +977-9801041235 (Viber, Whattsapp, Wechat)
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