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About Quiz Mania 7- Worldwide

History of Quiz Mania

“Quiz Mania”, is a quiz contest as a way of influencing and nurturing a culture of knowledge among the global population and end-goal of world development. Quiz Mania is the flagship venture of the Accretive Media Pvt Ltd. Embarked on the journey 7 years ago at the national level by gathering eager students from across Nepal and pitting their knowledge base amongst one another.The organizer took a broad sweep across many cities and schools across the nation in the year 2012 and extended to South Asia in 2016, continuing this growth to sieve the hidden talent lurking within the entire continent and further expanded to Asian level in 2017, with teams representing all parts of Asia.

Summary of the Show

The Accretive Media Pvt. Ltd Family embarked on a journey seven (7) years ago with our flagship show “Quiz Mania” as a way of influencing and nurturing a culture of knowledge and learning in the populace with an end-goal of national development.

Having successfully organized the Asian level contest of the show in Nepal in the year 2017/18, we were able to add the multi-cultural diversity in the show with the participation of nineteen (19) teams from various Asian countries.

This year, we, the Accretive Media Pvt. Ltd would like to propose Season 7 of Quiz Mania. We hope this will provide the national and international students an opportunity not only to compete on an intellectual level but also advance the learning behavior through sharing of knowledge, culture and friendship.

With our previous six seasons, we have managed to attain quite an image within our viewers and have gained 5 million average viewers on Kantipur HD Television, which is a leading television station in Nepal. Along with this prominent mark on the television scene, the show has been widely-reached to a larger audience (at national and international level) through our official YouTube channel as well.


Main Concept and Theme

Quiz Mania is guided by the principle of promoting the culture of learning and sharing knowledge. The show identifies high-school students as the major Target Group (TG). The show has already accomplished its Asian chapter and is preparing to get more students from different countries into the competition. Therefore, the main theme of this year’s Quiz Mania is Connecting Youth Globally”.

At Accretive Media, we believe in the preeminence of education. We also believe in the collaborative endeavors of various groups with parallel interests and a wide range of stakeholders that includes but not limited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Nepal, Ministry of Education (MoE), Nepal, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT), Nepal, different diplomatic missions, corporate houses, educational and other professional leaders/sectors who strive to attain the collective goal of unity, progress and harmony in the world by enriching the knowledge and skills of today’s youth.


The main objectives of the show are:

  • To bring together the youth from various parts of the world at one place and help them learn, connect and share their knowledge with each other.
  • To create a platform to help today’s youth to enhancing the global friendship and cooperation among them.
  • To spread the culture of sharing knowledge across Nepal and at an international level.
  • To focus on productive and fun learning for the participants with constant iteration of ideas and plans.
  • Quiz mania follows an informal setting. Thus, we want to create an easy environment for the students so that they can be more receptive to new ideas and demonstrate willingness to challenging and rewarding tasks.

Aims of Quiz Mania 7- Worldwide:

GLOBAL FRIENDSHIP: The whole concept of Quiz Mania 7- Worldwide behind Global Friendships is dedicated to fostering a better understanding among people of the world. Together, we can help a foreign student to discover “The Nepali Way of Life.” Global Friendships through quiz mania ensures that every student gets Nepal’s best—warmth, generosity and hospitality. In addition, quiz mania provide a unique opportunity to learn about the people and culture of another country since we will have participation of students from different country.


PLATFORMS FOR STUDENTS & CO-ORDINATORS WORLDWIDE: Through Quiz Mania, we provide an exciting international experience for both host families and foreign students, teachers and coordinators. Our show are designed to experience the international platform for the foreign student, providing the incomparable opportunity through education.


CULTURE EXCHANGE PROGRAM: While holding the audition in different countries quiz mania has embedded a plan called cultural exchange program while visit in purpose of audition for the phase 1: National Level Audition Worldwide of the program. Continued the cultural exchange program will be held in Nepal while conducting phase 2: International Level Finals in Nepal.


CONFERENCE ON GLOBAL ISSUE & ENTERPRENEURSHIP: The Quiz Mania comprise the conference at the end of phase 2 International Level Finals in Nepal on the themes Global Warming-Climate change/Destruction of Nature, Lack of economic opportunity and unemployment, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Peace.


WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: Supporting Women’s empowerment, Quiz Mania give priority to team including two female participants or one male and other female participants. The opportunity elaborate and recreate what it is that they can be, do, and accomplish in a circumstance that they previously were denied.


YOUTH DEVELOPMENT & LEADERSHIP: Through Quiz Mania platform youth acquire the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that enable them to learn and grow in self-knowledge, social interaction. They can develop interpersonal skills, including communication, decision-making, assertiveness, and have the ability to create healthy relationships including participation in a variety of teamwork and networking experiences.


Language and Eligibility

English will be used as the primary language for the competition. Students currently engaged in Higher Secondary Level, A Levels or equivalent are eligible to apply for the competition. Eligible students with a team of two members on it will have to register officially through Quiz Mania’s specified coordinator.

Travel Arrangements and Expenses for the Participants

The winning team from the auditions is required to travel to Nepal for the recording of the international levels’ finals of the program.


The travel charges to-and-from Nepal of participants should be covered for by the school/guardian whereas the expenses related to the lodging, dining and transportation within Nepal will be taken care by the organizer of Quiz Mania as per the rules of the program. 


Phases and Screening Process

Quiz Mania 7 will comprise of two basic phases:

Phase 1: National Level Audition Worldwide

  • The first phase of the program is the National Level Audition that will be organized in various countries around the globe. The audition will be the intra-country competition that will act as a screening process.


  • Registered teams from the respective country will have to gather at the chosen venue to take a Preliminary Test. To qualify for the international level of the competition, registered teams must attend this preliminary test.


  • The test will be in written format.


  • The winning team in the intra-country competition will get an opportunity to take part in the international level finals.


Phase 2: International Level Finals in Nepal

After the accomplishment of national level screening process, the competition enters the international level. Champions in the intra-country competition will compete in the international series of the competition.

Phases in International Level Finals

Basically, the series of competition comprises of the following rounds.

  1. International Quarter Finals: The champion at the national level will contest in this phase. In each episode, there will be three teams facing off each other. The winning teams from each quarter finals will qualify for the international semifinals.


  1. International Semi Finals: The semi-finalists will compete to get into the final. A series of semifinals will provide three finalists who will contest for the title trophy.


  • International Grand Finale: The last three finalists will compete against each other to be the quiz champion. The championship will decide on the Title Winners, First Runners-up and Second Runners-up.


Rounds and Marking (The round/s is open to change)

As per the format, there will be three teams competing in each episode of the quiz.

  1. Choose Your Answer (1st Round)

 This round will have multiple choices questions (MCQs). Each team will get chance to attend two (2) questions and (2) attempts to answer both the questions.



Time Allocation

First Attempt


15 Seconds

Second Attempt


5 Seconds


  1. Make A Choice (2nd Round)

This round is the mixture of the various categories. This round is transferrable and the categories involved are:







Movies & Music




Science & Technology




The participating teams will attend the questions from the category they choose. Each team will have to pick two (2) different categories and thus a total of 6 questions are covered by this round.



Time Allocation

Direct Question


15 Seconds

Passed Question


5 Seconds


  1. Ring The Bell (3rd Round)

 A total of six (6) questions are carried by this round and team requires pressing buzzer/ringing bell to answer. Whoever rings/presses the buzzer first gets to answer.  If nobody presses the buzzer/rings the bell, a clue is given that links the correct answer of the question. The round is non-transferrable with the practice of negative marking for wrong answer.

Before Clue


Time Allocation

Right Answer


5 Seconds

Wrong Answer



After Clue


Time Allocation

Right Answer


5 Seconds

Wrong Answer






  1. Let Your Partner Know (4th Round)

The round is about answering questions based upon the signs, gestures and verbal clues.  The two team members play two different roles in this round. A team member involves in explaining and the other must answer based upon the teammate’s signs, gestures and verbal clues.  Questions in this round are randomly picked from the set of cards or from box.


Number of Questions


Time Allocation

6 questions for each team

1000 for each question

75    seconds for each team

  1. Know Your Math (5th Round)

The questions carried by this round are based on the mathematics. The team needs to solve the mathematical equations.

Number of Equations


Time Allocation

6 equations  for each team

1000 each question

90 seconds for each team



  1. Check Your Memory (6th Round)

This round demands the immediate presence of mind. A set of images are shown in an order. The team members must memorize and spell the answer in the same order as it was displayed to them.  A total of ten (10) seconds is provided to the participants to memorize the series of images and 15 seconds is given for the answer. Each team gets one (1) set of question and each right answer within the set will fetch three hundred (300) points.


  1. Rapid Fire Round (Last Round)

The rapid-fire round comprises of variety of questions. Twelve (12) questions are asked in a row to each team.


Number of Questions


Time Allocation

12questions for  each team

500 for each question

60 Seconds for each team


*Bonus Points:  If a team could answer all the questions in any/all rounds, 500 points would be added as bonus points.  The bonus system applies to every/all rounds.



The winners of the competition will be felicitated in an Award Ceremony. Along with the winners, our country coordinators, mentors, supporters, and all the participants (who made to international level finals) will be felicitated as well in the same ceremony to be graced by the high-level government officials, dignitaries from the various diplomatic missions and the frontier leaders from the various sectors around the globe. As such, the involvement within the show is a life time opportunity to an international exposure.


Title and Awards for the Winners



             Title Winners


            First Runners-up



    Second Runners-up


Cash Prize of NRs.10,00,000.00 (Nepali Rupees Ten Hundred Thousand)

Cash Prize of NRs.6,00,000.00 (Nepali Rupees Six Hundred Thousand)

Cash Prize of NRs.4,00,000.00 (Nepali Rupees Four Hundred Thousand)

Title Winner’s Trophy (For the team)

First Runners-up’s Trophy (For the team)


Second Runners-up’s Trophy (For the team)


Certificate of Excellence (Each participant)

Certificate of Excellence (Each participant)

Certificate of Excellence (Each participant)

A free trip to famous touristic destination of Nepal

A free trip to famous touristic destination of Nepal

A free trip to famous touristic destination of Nepal

Gift Hampers

Gift Hampers

Gift Hampers

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