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Quiz Mania is the flagship venture of the Accretive Media Pvt. Ltd.. We embarked on our journey 6 years ago with a motto “Growing Together”

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The World Wide Edition of quiz mania has been officially titled as “Quiz Mania Season 7- Worldwide”.


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Mr. Rajesh Hamal is undoubtedly the most celebrated actor in the Nepali film industry. He has contributed more than 3 decades of his life to Nepali film industry. His reign as the one and true superstar of Nepal is only further cemented by having bagged the national film awards countless times. Mr. Hamal has been associated with Accretive Media Pvt. Ltd. as the host and advisor of the Quiz Mania.

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  • Quiz Mania offers a sponsorship program for small businesses to a franchise, local to international and family business to brands.


  • Quiz Mania season 6 was a complete blast, as it was arranged for the foreign students from various Asian countries. Besides participating, we got an opportunity of sharing and mixing our ideas with the fellow foreign participants. The trip to Pokhara and other beautiful places of Nepal with foreign friends was a lifetime mesmerizing experience for us. We were deeply amused by the behaviour of the organizer.

    We are thankful to the organizer from the very depth of our hearts for organizing such event and providing us with a chance to have an enlightening experience to our souls in this beautiful country of the Himalayas and people with the heart of gold. We are hopeful that we will be back to explore more of your spectacles that awaits us in the future.

    - Redwan Ahmad, Md. Adnan Ul IslamTeam Bangladesh; Notre Dame College
  • Nobel Quiz Mania was one of the most exciting and wonderful experiences of our school life. Not only we were able to develop skills and learn more about quizzing, this show gave us an opportunity to communicate and make friends from different parts of the world. Winning the first runners-up prize is and will be one of my proudest moments. Representing our school and country boosted our self-confidence and gave us emended belief in ourselves.
    Thank You to Quiz Mania.

    First Runner-up
    - Kartikay Gautam, Venkatesh Atishay Team India; First Runners-up Birla Vidya Niketan
  • Quiz Mania Season 6 has been one of the most unforgettable moments of our lifetime and we feel very fortunate to have been a part of it. It was a matter of honour for us to represent Nepal on this grand platform, competing with teams of wonderful people from different Asian nations.

    More than a competition, Quiz mania was the perfect excuse for us to make amazing friends from different corners of Asia to add to our lifelong friendliest. We got to share our stories, our culture and interests and never got a chance to be bored for the whole time since something interesting seemed to come up everytime. The time spent together is indeed a joy to cherish for the rest of our lives. Some moments of competition were dramatically intense but the feeling of rivalry never took over the friendship and respect we had for one another.

    And finally, we express our deep appreciation and gratitude to the Quiz Mania crew who gave us the platform of our lifetime and worked hard to support us in every single moment of this event, making this whole experience a memory to look back in the future and smile. May this beautiful show continue its legacy in the coming years and keep inspiring the generations to come.

    Second Runner-up
    - Gaurav Pudasainee, Sailesh ShresthaTeam Nepal - Second Runners-up Capital College and Research Center (CCRC)
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